“Bringing together the best talent in communication, outsourcing and marketing to offer low-cost solutions while creating consistent, focused campaigns, internally and externally is my goal.”  Cheryl A. Cross

C.A. Cross & Associates contracts with leading professionals in the public relations, human capital and marketing fields to create low-cost, specialized and highly effective communication, human capital outsourcing and strategic marketing campaigns.  C.A. Cross & Associates works on one cost-saving premise; by contracting with elite independent virtual professionals on an hourly basis, overhead and agency minimums are eliminated.  This stream-lined efficient business model enables us to work as either internal or external partners with your organization.  Focused solutions and targeted plans (see case studies) drive us to complete projects in a quarter of the time of large, lumbering agencies or firms.
Our goal is to get to the core of the communication, outsourcing or marketing issue quickly and bring the appropriate low-cost solution to the table. Our services and the vendors we source focus on building the appropriate outreach solutions. Targeted communications and development campaigns, community resource development, KOL positioning, "platforming" new businesses and strategic marketing programs. We create effective solutions for individuals, start-up’s, and established businesses.  Because we work on a per-project basis, within any budget, we provide creative solutions based on your unique needs.